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Our Mission

Childhood Trauma

Heal for Life is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting victims of childhood trauma. With our variety of services, we aim to help survivors on their path towards healing. Our main centre, located about an hour west of Newcastle, is in the Hunter Valley area of NSW right outside of Cessnock. This 340-acre main Heal for Life centre features facilities for various healing programs such as youth/children, adult, and private. We also have Heal for Life programs available at sites in the Philippines, United Kingdom, and West Australia.


What Sets Us Apart

Heal for Life is unique in that our healing centres are operated exclusively by survivors of childhood trauma. Our staff is thoroughly trained and able to personally relate and offer guidance to those seeking help.In Newcastle NSW, there is a Trauma Centre that is staffed by counsellors and psychologists that specialise in mental health services.


Why Our Guests Enrol and Stick with Us

  • Whether they faced neglect, abandonment, or emotional/spiritual/physical/sexual abuse, they are ready to address and cope with their childhood trauma.
  • They are looking to overcome issues such as anxiety or depression that resulted from their childhood trauma.
  • They want to use our Recovery Model for their healing journey. Other approaches, such as the Management Model, solely depend on medications and are not for everyone.
  • They were referred to us by someone they trust, such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor, or friend.
  • The Heal for Life program’s affordable prices allow guests to get the healing they need without compromising their finances.
  • Once they begin their path to recovery, our guests discover that anyone has the ability to heal.

Everything in One Place

Services We Provide

  • People in professions such as health, teaching, or other fields come to us for training in Trauma Informed Practice.
  • Similarly, we offer the chance to obtain a certificate in Advanced Therapeutic Skills.
  • We have residential healing programs for both youth and adults.
  • The Newcastle Trauma Centre, run by counsellors and psychologists, offers additional support to childhood trauma victims.
  • We provide indigenous healing programs that are culturally appropriate and cater specifically towards Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal individuals and communities.

Our Healing Model

Safety is our priority. With Heal for Life, your information will be completely confidential and secure. Our foundation understands how important a sense of safety is to the healing process. We work to make sure that every guest feels welcome and comfortable.


Survivors need to be responsible for their own healing. Although the Heal For Life Foundation often brings in guests that were referred, it is ultimately the survivor’s decision to join us. It is good that loved ones encourage survivors to get help, but they should never be pressured to face their trauma when they are not ready to. By taking full control of their healing journey, survivors are able to overcome challenges and find the answers they are looking for.

Abuse can affect our perception of authority figures

Abuse can affect our perception of authority figures. We recognise that our trauma can make us wary of those in power. At our centres, everyone is treated equally and respectfully. We do not try to control or forcibly fix members of our community. Instead, we take a gentle and understanding approach that allows our guests to heal properly.

Mental Help

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Those who have also experienced childhood trauma are best equipped to help other survivors. All of our Heal for Life centres are operated by survivors of childhood trauma. We believe that their experiences allow them to connect with our guests and guide them towards recovery. Our staff is selectively chosen and comprehensively trained. We also make sure that they are committed to their own journey and passionate about helping others.


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The sense of community at our centres leads to further healing. Everyone at our facilities has the ability to understand and sympathise with each other’s struggles. Because of these unique connections, members of the Heal for Life community have the opportunity to learn from and grow with one another. Through eating meals together and sharing our feelings, we foster relationships that help our guests with the healing process. Survivors are encouraged to openly explore their trauma. When someone experiences childhood trauma, they often will shut down key memories and emotions. By unlocking feelings that we might be harbouring surrounding our childhood, we are able to reconnect with and mend the relationship we have with our pasts. We want to not only give survivors a chance to have their story heard, but also acknowledge their emotions in a healthy and productive manner.

There is no deadline that you need to meet.

During our Week of Healing, guests are free to explore what they can gain from our program. They are further encouraged to stay on the path toward healing even after they leave. Because healing can be a long and complicated journey, guests are more than welcome to come back. There is no formal limit on visits, but we recommend separating your healing weeks by three months. This is to ensure that you will get the most out of our programs.Anyone has the ability to recover from trauma. It can be difficult to accept the fact that you are a victim of childhood trauma. Research shows that any kind of trauma, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can have drastic effects. No matter what you have suffered, you have the ability to overcome your trauma. We unconditionally love and accept our members. At the Heal for Life Foundation, all survivors are heard and validated. We treat everyone with compassion and make sure they feel welcome.


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